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Is this something for you?

Almost two thirds of all Belgian companies and organizations with at least fifty employees use an ERP software package. SAP is the market leader in Belgium in this regard. At multinationals, ERP usage is 87 percent. SAP’s position in that segment comes most emphatically, with almost 70 percent market share in our country. This fact shows the great need of employees who must have a thorough command of the SAP software.

Do you already have a thorough IT knowledge or interest or do you work in the sector as a SAP key-user or business analyst or process analyst, do you have ambitions in this area? Then this course, which you can combine with your job, is definitely something for you!

You will immediately add value to companies that use or want to implement SAP. After all, there is a great demand for motivated people who want to delve into SAP.

SAP offers you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world in a challenging and dynamic job. There is room here for both functional and technical profiles depending on your interests and rest assured, you will never stop learning in SAP. You will add value to companies or organizations that are going to (re)organize their business processes. Even co-developing an entire Enterprise Resource Planning project is a challenge that you will not shy away from.

Are you ready for the future and do you want guarantees of an exciting and varied job, then register now!

Why learn SAP from us?

You take lessons on Monday evening on campus or you opt for a remote trajectory.

All courses are taught by experts from the business world.

The training is very practical completed.

The training is evaluated annually.

You can follow the modules modularly.

Plus you can easily access the course from anywhere in Belgium.

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